Derek Raymond’s current work is largely informed by the rudimental aspects of graffiti, with an emphasis on abstracting and further manipulating the unrefined qualities of both vandalism and vandalism removal processes.


Holistically, the ambition of his work is to dissect the urban landscape, and through developing a unique abstract visual language, pay homage to quintessential elements of city life.


Through this developing visual language and mixed media technique, he offers an opportunity to find, re-find, or re-imagine beauty in subconsciously hidden and unappreciated slivers of the modern city.



2012: Group show, Anchor Gallery, Providence, RI

2014: Group show, Uncharted Gallery, Lowell, MA

2016: Group show, Uncharted Gallery, Lowell, MA

2017: Group show, Uncharted Gallery, Lowell, MA

2018: Group show, Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA

2019: Solo show, Brew'd Awakening, Lowell, MA

2019: Group show, Curation 250, Lowell, MA

2020: Group show, Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA

2020: Group show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2020: Group show, Anti-Robot Club, Providence, RI

2021: Group show, Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport, RI

2021: Solo show, The Collaborative, Warren, RI

2021: Solo show, Curation 250, Lowell, MA