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Derek Raymond’s work is largely informed by the rudimental aspects of graffiti, with an emphasis on abstracting and manipulating the unrefined qualities of both vandalism and vandalism removal processes.

Writing on the wall is a ritual as old as human existence. In modern times, vandals, wanderers, lovers, protesters, city workers, business owners and others change the color of surfaces across the urban landscape with various mediums, at various times and for various reasons — eventually, continuously and unintentionally creating deep abstract compositions hidden in plain sight.

His work is an ongoing study and abstraction of the visual exchanges and ongoing dialogues that live and evolve among us. This work is encompassed in his primary body of work titled "I WANT TO LIVE." The most recent evolution of this body is being created with direct reference to the concepts of (meaningful) discomfort, spiritual purging/cleansing, and absolution.


Characterized by an equally ethereal and filthy quality, each painting nods to the process of erasure while subtle but striking elements and textures bring a sense of dynamism to the compositions. These paintings are tactfully made with the intention of asking viewers to embrace their impermanence and humility, and to find the perpetual cosmic opportunity for transformation and renewal.

In tandem, his secondary body of work titled "SORRY TO INFORM YOU" continues to develop. This work aims to oppose the exclusionary practices of the art world and the prioritization of marketability over true artistic expression, and provoke a dialogue around the politics of production, inspiring viewers to question the role of art in society and public space.

Ultimately, this body of work serves as a call to action for more inclusivity, diversity, and authenticity within the art world, with hope to inspire a greater appreciation for the value of art as a means of social commentary and resistance, rather than just a commodity for profit.


2012: Group, Anchor Gallery, Providence, RI

2017: Group, Uncharted Gallery, Lowell, MA

2018: Group, Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA

2019: Group, Curation 250, Lowell, MA

2020: Group, Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA

2020: Group, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2020: Group, Anti-Robot Club, Providence, RI

2021: Group, Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport, RI

2021: Group, The Collaborative, Warren RI

2021: Solo, I WANT TO LIVE, Curation 250, Lowell, MA

2023: Group, Contemporary Art Chronicle, Virtual

2023: Group, Providence Biennial, Providence, RI

2023: Solo, HAPPY TO BE HERE, Curation 250, Lowell, MA


Graffiti-inspired art in Attleboro, The Sun Chronicle, 2021

Derek Raymond at Curation 250, Mill No. 5, 2021



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